Come fly with me


Kate Randolph is young, beautiful, and rich, and her passion is flying. In the air she feels a freedom she experiences nowhere else, and it’s where she dreams of escape from her marriage to a cold, distant husband. After her tough flight instructor, Rick, challenges Kate to trust her instincts and always rise to the occasion, a series of unexpected events forces both to look beyond the usual facades. As a result, Kate and Rick liberate each other. She rescues him in a harrowing mission to Southeast Asia that proves her mettle once and for all, and he releases her to be the woman she was meant to be, no holds barred.

The book has won the Editor’s Choice Award at the San Diego State University 17th Annual Writer’s Conference and placed as a finalist in both the New Jersey Romance Writers “Put Your Heart in a Book” contest and the Colorado Romance Writers “Heart of the Rockies” contest. The novel also took First Place in the women’s fiction category at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference.

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Listen to Judith describing her confrontation with the fear of flying and her transformation on Tim Benjamin’s “Fear of Flying” podcast.

Raves for Come Fly with Me

“First of all, I must applaud the author. This is apparently her very first novel, but it’s so well written and so entertaining, I’m impressed. This book has it all:

A woman finding herself.- Married to a very wealthy man, you’d think Kate has it all. But in truth, despite her riches, she seriously lacks some of the most important things: her husband’s love and respect. He just wants a woman at home. He doesn’t want her to work or anything else. She rebels in her own way by having a special charity program, but it’s not enough. But when she finds what she wants, she has conflicting emotions. After all, she wants her handsome flight trainer, but she’s married.

The infidelity in this novel was tastefully done. I’d like to put that out there. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

A man learning to trust again. Daredevil pilot Rick doesn’t have much love for women, just their bodies, and there’s a story behind this…but Kate gets past his rough exterior.

Conflict. Hey. Some major stuff goes down in the last quarter of the book and it just may keep the two lovebirds apart.

Adventure. Incredible flying scenes throughout the novel add that feeling of adventure long before the ending involving a third-world country, stolen rubies, and jail time. We almost learn to fly the Lear along with Kate. When Rick teaches her take off with a stalled engine, when she has her flight test, my heart was pounding along with her.

I could sit here all day telling you why I enjoyed this book. At first the heroine wasn’t as feisty as I like, but by the end, she was the kind of woman who tells off customs officials for mistaking her for a flight attendant. Readers will watch Kate grow, come out of her shell, gain some confidence, find love, and learn to forgive.”

Once I started this novel, I couldn’t put it down. I read it in a day. That’s how hooked I was.”

Tara Chevrestt

“I was able to do just that in Come Fly with Me. I could understand Kate’s desire to be both an independent woman wanting to live her own life and wanting a man to share life’s moments with and treasure her in a way worldly possessions can’t. Sophisticated, sassy and charming! A romance written for the real world! Loved it!”


“I read this book over the weekend. I couldn’t put it down. Judith Whitmore tells a very good story with a couple of unexpected surprises, which I really liked. I enjoyed her writing style and I loved her characters. Kate Randolph is very likeable. She has strength and courage. And Rick Sanders is…well…all I can say is that I wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island with him! I like the action here too. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to fly a Learjet, you’ll find out here. I adored this book.”

Nancy D

“Come Fly with Me – Captivating smart characters in a well-written plot that moves fast and is totally entertaining. Pick it up, you won’t put it down; a woman saves a male dominated flying service, becomes a pilot herself and lands her man, another pilot. Written by a woman who is a pilot and flies what she writes about. A terrific read.”

Wally Runnels

“As a mystery writer and a man, I don’t generally read romance fiction. But my wife read “Come Fly With Me,” and insisted I read it. I’m certainly glad I did. The book is a fantastic debut novel by Judith Whitmore, who has it all! I loved the character of Kate — a wonderfully dimensional and rich portrayal. All the book’s characters are beautifully realized. And the story was fantastic — particularly the flying sequences and Whitmore’s expert familiarity with Lear Jets. “Come Fly With Me” is, in and of itself, — a Trip; moving from San Francisco, to Arizona, to the Caribbean, and then to the South Seas. Kate Randolph is quite a woman. And so is Ms. Whitmore. When her next book comes out, I won’t need my wife’s urging to dive into it. In fact, I’ll try to order it before she does.”

Walter Marks